Director Biography – Cole Needham (LADY IN THE WATER)

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Cole Needham was born in small town Iowa, home to less than 800 people. His interest in filmmaking began by shooting motocross videos with friends until he finally wrote and directed his first narrative his senior year of high school. He has since moved to Los Angeles where he works full time in the industry as a director and priducer for his company he founded Golden Anvil LLC.

Director Statement

This film was an amazing experience to tell a story through the lens of the camera with very simple dialogue to support it. As Caleb presented this script to me, I was excited by the liberties the screenplay allowed us to take. We were fortunate to have access to a great camera and lens package which helped carry the cinematography and visual style throughout. As true indie filmmakers, we had no other choice but to shoot this film in our backyard. The ‘show, don’t tell’ element to Lady in the Water was an amazing experience that helped me continue the path of finding my directing style. I hope for the audience to enjoy this film and are able to conclude the ending to the film with their own thoughts.

Director Biography – Dale Fabrigar (VEGAN AND THEN SUM)

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Dale is a multi-disciplinary creative and has long been using his imagination and visual sensibilities to communicate and tell stories in a visual way.

Dale has produced and directed numerous award-winning films and projects over his ever-evolving creative career. Notably known for his complex and heartfelt, award-winning drama, LONELY BOY (2013), 100 YARDS (2018), AREA 407 (2012) as well as a variety of music videos, industrial films, infomercials, and live theater productions. D-RAILED (2018), which he directed, co-wrote, and edited won over 50+ awards on the film festival circuit, including two wins for Best Director. His latest feature, MIDDLETON CHRISTMAS, starring Multi-Emmy winner Eileen Davidson (Young and the Restless) and Michael Paré (Eddie and The Cruisers) is currently in post-production and will be released this holiday 2020.

Regardless of genre – Dale strives to entertain by telling uncompromising stories about the power, strength, and often flawed character of the human spirit.

Short Film: I’LL CRY TOMORROW, 4min., USA, Poem/Experimental

Personal Poem about being 21 in San Francisco in 1986 during the AIDS pandemic. It takes the audience on emotional roller coaster from dread to power. Using overlays to cross two communes, Faries and My San Francisco life. This 2020 film is based on found footage of self-shot film from 1986, and found under my bed!

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Director Biography – Victor Gabriel (BLACK BOYS CAN’T CRY)

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Victor Gabriel is an African-American writer/director in Compton CA and is a recent MFA graduate of AFI Conservatory. He holds a BA in Sociology and an MA in Clinical Psychology and has been working as a therapist with survivors of trauma for the past several years. Growing up in poverty and experiencing severe abuse and abandonment pushed him to attempt to help others heal and soon he turned to filmmaking as another way for him to wrestle with suffering.

Director Statement

“We don’t care about what happens to black men and how they suffer, but we love performing outrage at their deaths…”
-Tommy Curry

Black males are not allowed to cry. Because of this, they do not know how to. So much violence in my community occurs because of the shame that our men hold. The shame and fear that I’ve held, and internalized since a child that then turned into rage and extreme pain. This movie is about me, my family, the men I’ve worked with as a therapist, and the thousands of black boys who have suffered traumatic injuries in silence with no one to hear their hidden tears. I made BLACK BOYS CAN’T CRY with the hope that one day, those who are weary and heavy-laden will find rest for their souls.


Short Film: BLACK BOYS CAN’T CRY, 4min, Drama


1dd4abcf0d posterJavion is a dutiful and loving black father. He is the protector and provider of the family, including his wife, daughter, and grandmother. However, he is haunted by a secret that he continues to bury in silence. Not knowing how to deal with the trauma, he attempts to hide the behemoth inside him that is trying to break out. But not until tonight when he is finally overwhelmed, and he attacks his family while he ultimately comes face-to-face with his painful past. Only the prayerful hands of his grandmother can help channel his buried emotion from taking control.

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Director Biography – Oshri Cohen (GRANDPA MASUD)

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Oshri Cohen was born on January 11, 1984 in Israel.
He is an actor, known for McMafia (BBC 2018), Beaufort (2007 nominated for best foreign film at the American Oscars) and Homeland (2011).

HE participated in more then 50 tv shows, films and theatre production along the years , and now he is making his first steps as a director.



Director Statement

I’ve know this story about my grandpa for many years but an old box of VHS convinced me to make a short film out of it.

Short Film: GRANDPA MASUD, 4min., Israel, Family/Documentary

988107b47d posterBack in the 60’s , raising five girls with no money made grandpa Masud find a unique way to deliver his love to cinema to his family.

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