Short Film: MIDWAY HOME, 4min., USA, Drama

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A visual odyssey of post traumatic stress as seen through the eyes of a young Army veteran, struggling with reality and civilian life, haunted by friends and those that brought her harm.

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Short Film: MARTA – I NEED A LOVE STORY, 4min., USA, Music Video/Romance

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Video to singiel I need a love story from album The Story by Marta.
The story of video shows how women is looking for perfect love which is more imagination of looking for perfect guy, who is like a ghost. Its a combination of two words, normal and dreamed one. It’s a story about woman being loved, touched, respected and admired. The story shows how the women imagines her emotional world full of beauty surrounded by amazing architecture of Gloucester Cathedral, with dreamed gentleman and beloved animals – the reindeer and the owl. I need a love story it’s a vision of perfect love created in Marta’s dreams.

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Short Film: BOY RACER, 4min., Ireland, Drama/Family

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Evan Murphy sneaks away into his grandfathers shed and discovers a world of trinkets to play with including his grandfathers rally car.

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Short Film: MALKA, 4min., UK, Animation/Documentary

Malka rose thorns barbed wire

original art video + song, dedicated to refugee children.

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Short Film: THE SPECTER OF THE OTHER, 4min., Action/Experimental

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Investigating what is seen as human touch using martial arts and dance as vocabulary, but taking them out of context and bias as aggressive, decorative or kind.

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Short Film: GREY, 4min., Canada, Dance/Experimental

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A woman and man from opposing worlds have the veil between them lifted. Through experimental editing and dance, they are able to experience each other’s worlds and create a realm of their own.

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Short Film: 128., 4min., Turkey, Drama

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It’s 1990’s, countryside of Turkey… A boy and his friends are waiting for the start of class in a school.

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