Director Biography – Barry Fahy (BOY RACER)

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Over the past decade, Barry Fahy has proven himself to be one of the most capable, talented and Driven cinematographers in Ireland. Barry has shot two feature film, Blue Dawn and The Three Don’ts as well as over two dozen Short films and Music Videos. Barry has also directed Several Short films including “Please Forgive Me”, “Doors” and “IRIS” which won 2 awards at the 48hr film competition in Dublin.

Director Statement

Boy Racer is a very personal film for me. I have always loved Imagination, and its part of the reason I got into making films. My Childhood was the last generation of playing with Sword Sticks and cardboard race cars. Thats what I wanted to capture and re ignite with this film.


Short Film: BOY RACER, 4min., Ireland, Drama/Family

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Evan Murphy sneaks away into his grandfathers shed and discovers a world of trinkets to play with including his grandfathers rally car.

News & Reviews

Under 5min. Festival Testimonial – January 9 2019

Thank you SOOO much for this incredible analysis of the film – we’re so gratified our intended message and emotional connection came through so loud and clear.  We look forward to the moderation video and will happily set up an interview whenever you’d like.
Thanks again for your festival and spending the time and effort to give this invaluable feedback to filmmakers..
Randy, Tim
Producers, “Brothers”

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2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY Podcast – Films that Changed Cinema

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It is crazy wild ride here on Matthew Toffolo and Kierston Drier’s journey through space, time and cinematic history. Come hop in their flying saucer today as they zip around the science-fiction wonder that is 2001: A space Odyssey.

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The Dawn of Man – Watch the famous scene from the movie.

I’m Sorry Dave – Watch the famous scene from the movie.

Highlight from the PODCAST:

3 Reasons why this is one of the most influential films of all time:

1) Most influential film for future filmmakers and film talent. So much of 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY in future films.

– Elevated SCI-FI into the mainstream.

– Pioneer of visual effects

– The way filmmakers use music and score – epic

2) The Massive Scope

– Tells the entire evolution of man from limited apes…

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HIGHLIGHTS: June 2018 Web Series Festival

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festival posterSOUNDS OF FREEDOM, 5min, USA, TV WEB SERIES/Drama

festival posterHEINOUS GIRLS, 5min., Canada, TV WEB SERIES/Comedy

festival posterCOOL GIRLS “HOW TO THROW A GIRLS NIGHT OUT”, 8min., Canada, TV WEB SERIES/Comedy

festival posterCROW’S PEAK, 4min., USA, TV WEB SERIES/Animation/Comedy

festival posterLEGAL FOX: A TASTE OF TRUMP, 3min., USA Drama/Comedy

festival posterOTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN, 5min., USA, TV WEB SERIES/Comedy

The theme of the June 2018 WEB SERIES FEEDBACK Film Festival in Toronto was “Invisible Obstacles”. Every single film was about characters needing to overcome conflicts that really didn’t exist..

Web Series are the now and future of media and film festivals. So I was very honored to show 6 of the best TV webisodes in the world today. The great thing about this festival is that there is more to come for…

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