Short Film: I’LL CRY TOMORROW, 4min., USA, Poem/Experimental

Personal Poem about being 21 in San Francisco in 1986 during the AIDS pandemic. It takes the audience on emotional roller coaster from dread to power. Using overlays to cross two communes, Faries and My San Francisco life. This 2020 film is based on found footage of self-shot film from 1986, and found under my bed!

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Short Film: BLACK BOYS CAN’T CRY, 4min, Drama


1dd4abcf0d posterJavion is a dutiful and loving black father. He is the protector and provider of the family, including his wife, daughter, and grandmother. However, he is haunted by a secret that he continues to bury in silence. Not knowing how to deal with the trauma, he attempts to hide the behemoth inside him that is trying to break out. But not until tonight when he is finally overwhelmed, and he attacks his family while he ultimately comes face-to-face with his painful past. Only the prayerful hands of his grandmother can help channel his buried emotion from taking control.

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Short Film: GRANDPA MASUD, 4min., Israel, Family/Documentary

988107b47d posterBack in the 60’s , raising five girls with no money made grandpa Masud find a unique way to deliver his love to cinema to his family.

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Short Film: THERE’S SOMETHING GOING AROUND, 3min., UK, New Media


4fcb8aff77 posterA digital scrapbook of life in Britain – Spring 2020.

Film produced entirely in the lockdown period, in Yorkshire, UK.

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Short Film: BE MORE WITH MEMORE, 1min., UK, Commercial

24f811384c poster

Now there’s a revolutionary way to socialize without the need for others! MeMore is a therapeutic hallucinogen that generates multiple, interactive clonegrams you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home, or while safely navigating public spaces. Enjoy more, live more, be more… with MeMore!*

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Bob Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from June 2020 Under 5min. Film Festival

BOB, 2min., Russia, Drama

Directed by Anatoly Ivanov

He engages in playing card fraud while hiding from the stalkers and developing a new scam. His girlfriend interrupts him of this process, and he must decide what is more important to him.

Motorbike Thief Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from June 2020 Under 5min. Film Festival

Directed by Doug Werby

Part of the Matter of Kindness series of short films, “Motorbike Thief” tells a real life incident that happened to Michael Coffin when he discovered a stranger with his stolen bike. So enraged he confronts the assailant in no uncertain terms. Just when the situation is about to get out of hand, the anger turns empathetic and an unlikely friendship develops.