Godspeed Short Film, Audience FEEDBACK from April 2020 Under 5min. Film Festival

GODSPEED, 2min., USA, Animation

Directed by Sunny Wai Yan Chan

“Godspeed” is a story about a mother saying goodbye to her son at the airport. The son wants a hug, but the reserved mother is reluctant to do so. The seemingly small conflict between the two is amplified by the close-ups of their faces, visualizing the weight of struggle each of them is experiencing.

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Director Biography – Sunny Wai Yan Chan (GODSPEED)

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Sunny is born and raised in Hong Kong. After finishing his bachelor’s degree in Surveying at The University of Hong Kong, he decided to pursue his dream in animation. He is currently an animation student based in the United States, studying Master of Fine Arts in Animation at Savannah College of Art and Design, focusing on 3D character animation and layout.

Director Statement

Through Godspeed, I want to bring the audience close to the internal thoughts of the main characters – Emma, the mother, and Wayne, the son. The motivation for me to create Godspeed is that I want to show the kind of love that is less direct and less obvious. Whenever we feel frustrated towards our family because of the lack of expressive love, we must re-evaluate ourselves and learn to care about love that is more than superficial. Love exists in all kinds of ways.

Director Biography – Gray Hodgkinson (COLOUR ME FREE)

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Gray Hodgkinson is an animator and associate professor of animation and game design at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Gray has been developing animation education for 20 years, and has been instrumental in creating links between tertiary institutes and industry in New Zealand and internationally. Gray has presented papers and workshops on animation research and pedagogy at Melbourne, Germany, the U.K., Portugal, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea. Starting with a degree in Fine Arts (Graphics) in 1983, and a Masters in Design (2005) Gray has sought to use media technology to explore creative opportunities. In recent work, Gray has been exploring the narrative potential of game engine technology and VR. Together with his education career, Gray continues to produce original works that deal with meaningful topics and convey stories of significance.

Short Film: COLOUR ME FREE, 5min., 5min., Singapore, Animation

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The animated movie “Colour Me Free” is a symbolised narrative influenced by the plight of civilians caught up in war. Through no fault of their own, these people are trapped in their cities, targeted by both sides as acceptable collateral damage, or even as human shields. This movie explores how these survivors are forced to question their allegiances, as expressed by colour, as their base human need to survive takes precedence. While no specific location is depicted, the use of coloured tiled patterns and a desert setting depicts a middle eastern reference. The visual medium used is a cross-over between animation and computer game, which makes an ironic reference to the repeated game-play of senseless war. The symbolic references in this movie are intended to raise questions in the viewer’s mind, and remind them that with some empathy and assistance, the human spirit can survive and grow.

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Short Film: ARTIST’S BLOCK, 3min., USA, Live Action/Animation

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A long abandoned animated project comes to life to antagonize the artist into completing it.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DL_Pictures

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Short Film: AFRAID, 3min., USA, Thriller

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AFRAID tells the story of Anna, a young 20-something coffee shop manager, as she closes up for the night and heads to her car in a nearby parking garage. Will Anna make it? Or will her worst fears become reality?

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HIGHLIGHTS – November 2019 Under 5 Minute Film Festival


Theme of night: Quirks of the Human Condition

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– Matthew Toffolo