Director Biography – Victor Gabriel (BLACK BOYS CAN’T CRY)

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Victor Gabriel is an African-American writer/director in Compton CA and is a recent MFA graduate of AFI Conservatory. He holds a BA in Sociology and an MA in Clinical Psychology and has been working as a therapist with survivors of trauma for the past several years. Growing up in poverty and experiencing severe abuse and abandonment pushed him to attempt to help others heal and soon he turned to filmmaking as another way for him to wrestle with suffering.

Director Statement

“We don’t care about what happens to black men and how they suffer, but we love performing outrage at their deaths…”
-Tommy Curry

Black males are not allowed to cry. Because of this, they do not know how to. So much violence in my community occurs because of the shame that our men hold. The shame and fear that I’ve held, and internalized since a child that then turned into rage and extreme pain. This movie is about me, my family, the men I’ve worked with as a therapist, and the thousands of black boys who have suffered traumatic injuries in silence with no one to hear their hidden tears. I made BLACK BOYS CAN’T CRY with the hope that one day, those who are weary and heavy-laden will find rest for their souls.


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