HIGHLIGHTS – October 2021 Under 5 Minute Film Festival

Showcase of the best SHORT FILMS in the world today.

Best Performances: JOT AND FLICK
Best Cinematography: NEON WAVES
Best Sound & Music: LOVE IN TRANSIT

Theme of night: Life

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos:

festival posterNEON WAVES, 3min., USA, Art





festival posterJOT AND FLICK, 3min., USA, Drama





festival posterTHE FEEDING, 3min., USA, Horror



festival posterLOVE IN TRANSIT, 3min., Canada, Animation



festival posterWHERE IS MARK CHENG?, 1min., USA, Animation






festival posterTHE DRIVE, 3min., South Korea, Drama


festival posterPICCOLO JUNIOR’S, 2min., USA, Animation

festival posterHOW T

festival posterCOLOR YOUR MIND, 5min., Germany, Dance

festival posterTRANSGRESSIONS, 5min., USA, Drama

HIGHLIGHTS – September 2021 Under 5 Minute Film Festival

Showcase of the best SHORT FILMS in the world today.

Best Film: ON / OFF
Best Animation Film: UNWOUND
Best Cinematography: THE PARADOX
Best Performances: VINYL BEGINNING
Best Direction: FLY
Best Sound & Music: CORNERS

Theme of night: Life

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos:

festival posterFLY, USA, Experimental

festival posterWELCOME HOME, 3min., Canada, Sci-Fi

festival posterTHE PARADOX, 1min., Macedonia, Experimental

festival posterCORNERS, 3min., USA, Drama/Music

festival posterTHE PROTEST PROJECT, 4min., USA, Video

festival posterVINYL BEGINNING, 4min., USA, Drama

festival posterIDEAL DATING WITH CONDOM, 1min., Germany, Animation

festival posterA JOURNEY TO THE MOON, 3min., USA, Animation

festival posterPAINTING THE WORLD, 5min., USA, Animation

festival posterTHE FLOWER MONSTER: NEED PINWHEEL, 2min., Germany, Animation

festival posterUNWOUND, 5min, UK, Animation

festival posterON / OFF, 7min., USA, Animation

festival posterINK, 3min., USA, Animation

Director BIO: Axel Werner (COLOR YOUR MIND)

Axel Werner, Composer and director

Born in 1967 in southern Germany, the composer and creative entrepreneur has been playing piano since his early childhood. He composed his first piano at the age of 11, further piano works and theatre music followed. His setting of Aristophanes’ “The Birds” led him on a tour to China in 1986.

He began his professional career with two master’s degrees in economics. After a few years as a top management strategy consultant and group division head, he became director of his own creative agency and consulting firm. Well-known global corporations engage him as an innovative thought leader and strategy consultant. “I have always drawn my professional creativity from music.“

Influenced by Chopin, Rachmaninov, Debussy, Stravinsky, Gershwin and Lloyd Webber, he has continually developed his compositional repertoire. He received jazz lessons in New York from Adam Birnbaum and Danny Mixon. He refined his piano style to a musical lyricism that crosses several genres and sends the listener on an emotional journey as “film music for the cinema of the mind”.

Awarded by many international prizes and honors: http://www.come-closer.org

Director Statement

COLOR YOUR MIND draws a lesson from centuries of experience. How do we unchain ourselves? The answer is: by unleashing the creative powers inside ourselves. If liberty is a plant, imagination is water and soil.

Short Film: COLOR YOUR MIND, 5min., Germany, Dance

Free yourself, explore creative imagination, let your ideas be infectious, and help others to unleash their powers. Fantasy traveling always brings back freedom as a souvenir.

In 1871, an oppressed worker escapes her foreman into the realm of fantasy. Her creativity inspires her companions. Together they overcome their tormentor and free his spirit as well.

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Director BIO: Olyvia Okochi (HOW TO MURDER YOUR HUSBAND)

My name is Olyvia Okochi and I am a student filmmaker. I have been making small films ever since I was in elementary school. I am now a senior at Montclair High School and President of the Film Club. I have done a plethora of film classes and in 2016 I won two Grand Prizes at the Montclair Film Festival for Narrative and Social Impact. I truly enjoy the art storytelling through film and I hope to have the opportunity to learn more.

Director Statement

The idea behind the short film “How to Murder Your Husband” was sparked from a 50’s instructional video I found online. I was so shocked by the blatant sexism of how they portrayed women. I was then inspired to make a film that called out the portrayal of housewives in a comedic lense.