Audience Feedback Video: FAT, Animation/Experimental, 3min, Canada

Played at the 2015 FEEDBACK Film Video.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video:

  MOVIE POSTERFAT, Animation/Experimental, 3min, Canada
Directed by Camila Moreira Marques

Fat is a girl that suffers from an eating disorder. She has to deal with a world that can’t understand her problem, a world that can only judge her for being fat.

Film Type: Animation, Short, Student

Genres: Drama

Runtime: 3 minutes 2 seconds

Completion Date: April 24, 2015

Country of Origin: Canada

Country of Filming: Canada

Film Language: English

Film Color: Color

Camila Monart

Camila Monart

Key Cast:
Camila Monart

By under5minutefilmfestival

The quarterly festival that focuses on the greatest under 5 minute short films from around the world. Films get showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival and receive an audience moderation video on their short.

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