Get to know the short film: F**KING WORLD, 1min, Italy, Experimental

Playing at the Under 5 Minute Film Festival. Thursday January 28th, 7pm, Carlton Cinemas: GET YOUR FREE TICKETS

Audience Feedback Video: GAME OF SENSES, Animation, 4min, Poland

GAME OF SENSES, Animation/Experimental, 4min, Poland
Directed by Wojciech Warzywoda

Story of a man who lost his senses. He doesn’t know that his task is to find his lost parts. When he finally finds his “senses”, the truth about his situation is revealed.

Audience Feedback Video: MINOTAUR, 5min, Greece, Experimental/Fantasy

The myth of Minotaur given allegorically. A master narrator gives voice to Minotaur as he describes the heavy price that ancient Athens had to pay: the annual sacrifice of some of its youth, here en-boded by a mouse in the Maze. Ultimately, these kids symbolize the dreams of tomorrow that all of us have and are sacrificed in the alter of the altar of a false justice, that is reality.

Audience Feedback Video: FAT, Animation/Experimental, 3min, Canada

Fat is a girl that suffers from an eating disorder. She has to deal with a world that can’t understand her problem, a world that can only judge her for being fat.