Short Film: LIFE IN A TINY TOWN, 2min., Smartphone

7f77d83c40 posterShot on Apple iPhone XS Max.

Equipment Used : Movi Freefly Cinema Robot Gimbel, Handheld

Apps : Stock Camera and Movie Freefly App

Editing : Luma Fusion in Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

Final Touches : Final Cut Pro X in MacBook Pro

Music : Wanderer by Remember the Future from Premium Beat

Shooting Location : Small towns in South India (Mayiladuthurai, Kuthalam, Thirumanamcheri, Aadudhurai, Kovindhapuram, Sivaramapuran, Naranamangalam, Kumbakonam)

Short Film: FEAST, 1min., India, Smartphone

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Feast is an one minute movie captured on a mobile phone camera featuring three small kids, who are laughing their heart out over a feast. Suddenly, a heavy voice breaks their party The truth which unfolds is sure to get one jolted.

  • Film Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 minute
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Short Film: ELIZABETH, 12min., USA, Smartphone

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An amateur ghost hunter gets more than he bargained for while investigating a house that was recently the site of a grisly murder.

(Shot and edited entirely on iPhone 6 with no budget)

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