Director BIO: Niels Reinhard (NOVAA – MELODY OF NEED)

Director Biography – Niels Reinhard

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Award-winning music producer and director Niels Reinhard was born in Heidelberg, Germany in 1987 and now lives in Mannheim. His creative spirit led him to directing his first short films at the young age of 15 and to starting his career as a DJ at 17. While studying digital media, Niels produced Germany’s very first social media based series in cooperation with a social networking platform for students. In 2010, he completed his bachelor’s degree and later that year, he was awarded the German Youth Film Prize for one of his short films. 2010 was also the year Niels and Tim Hoffmann started “Laserkraft 3D”, an avant-garde electronic music live act. Their hit song put the duo on the international music map, appearing on different charts around the world, and it received more than 50 million views on YouTube. The song also received several awards, including the “Goldene Schallplatte” (Golden Record, Germany), a VIVA COMET prize for Best Party Song (German music television award), and three prizes awarded by the German music magazine RAVELINE (categories: Best Newcomer, Best Track, Most Annoying Track). Furthermore, it was nominated for an ECHO (Germany’s most important music award) and the 1LIVE KRONE. Niels Reinhard and Tim Hoffmann toured Europe and played many of the most popular clubs as well as some of the biggest international festivals for dance and electronic music. In 2013, Laserkraft 3D was made the musical flagship act for Coca-Cola Germany’s summer campaign. In cooperation with Coca-Cola, they developed an interactive music video for the national ad campaign and were honored with a golden Effie Award in 2014. Niels is not only responsible for the duo’s musical output, but also produces and directs all of their music videos himself. Nominations for a VIVA COMET and an ECHO award for Best Video, as well as the jury award for Best Video at Frankfurt Music Fair (expert music award) are part of his success story as a producer and director. In 2014, Niels worked on the production team of an online TV channel named ‘’, which was founded by German TV legend Frank Elstner and his son Thomas Elstner in cooperation with Axel Springer SE in Berlin. Niels Reinhard is working on different musical and audio-visual projects. He is currently working with one of the most successful film production companies in Germany: Pantaleon Films.


Director Statement


I’m very proud of “Melody Of Need” because it was a free passion project and I had only 4 weeks to get the whole production (writing, designing, animating, directing, editing) done on my own only using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. I needed 300 hours to get from scratch to a final product. The story telling is very classic but the secrets in this created world are much more complex. It’s the kind of joyful adventure I like.

Short Film: NOVAA – MELODY OF NEED, 3min., Germany Animation/Music Video

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[A narrated short film music video.] As a massive lightning suddenly hits the grey skyscraper NOVAA wakes up in her dark apartment. She notices a bright light shining out of her wardrobe. While the rain is hitting the window NOVAA dares to step into her glowing wardrobe. After finding herself wandering in a colorful diamond cave she takes the huge elevator which takes her to the surface of a hot desert planet. Living in a retro future the musician KANJO with the polygon tiger mask takes NOVAA on a trip with his converted floating classic car through breathtaking landscapes, passing mystic war robots and space shuttles which are lying still for an unknown reason. Taking NOVAA on a road trip through his world, both are getting soaked deeper and deeper into this surrealistic setting full of unsolved mysteries. As two planets are forming a dark eclipse the power of the shadows growing over the planet are waking up alle the huge war machines. And they want revenge! In a spectacular chase the two artists are trying to escape from the reawaking robots and space shuttles. Before really understanding what´s happening, NOVAA awakes. But from now on her dreams and her reality seem to be combined.

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