HIGHLIGHTS: January 2018 Under 5min. Festival

FILM AWARD WINNERS: BEST FILM: Our Wonderful Nature BEST PERFORMANCE: Mamma BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: City of My Heart BEST MUSIC: The Flow Watch Audience FEEDBACK Videos: BOLD GREEN, 28min., Germany, Romance/Drama WATCH Audience FEEDBACK MARTINA, OH MARTINA, 12min., Spain, Romance/Drama WATCH Audience FEEDBACK MAMMA, 5min., Italy, Crime/ThrillerWATCH Audience FEEDBACK THE FLOW, 3min., Belgium, AdventureWATCH Audience FEEDBACK… Continue reading HIGHLIGHTS: January 2018 Under 5min. Festival

HIGHLIGHTS & VIDEOS: June 2017 Under 5 Minute Film Festival

AUDIENCE FESTIVAL AWARDS Best Film: FAMILY SHADOWS Best Performances: I & MYSELF Best Cinematography: EYE OF INDIA Best Music: The music from BLURRY WATCH the Audience FEEDBACK Videos for each film:  MISSION: APO11O, 4min, France, History/Comedy WATCH Audience FEEDBACK MORE THAN LOVE, 3min, USA, Drama/Romance WATCH Audience FEEDBACK BLURRY, 5min, USA, Thriller/Mystery WATCH Audience FEEDBACK LAST CHANCE, 3min, Hungary,… Continue reading HIGHLIGHTS & VIDEOS: June 2017 Under 5 Minute Film Festival

Watch HAMMER. Poetry Short Film. 4min.

HAMMER was a Poetry Festival winner and was made into a movie.

Watch HAMMER Poetry Short Film:

Today’s Short Screenplay Reading: BATMAN: PATIENT ZERO by Andrew Akler

Batman heads to Arkham Asylum when he hears that The Joker has escaped and staged a takeover. As he progresses through the asylum, Batman fights through a host of villains that challenge him in a different way.