SOCIAL Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK from the Under 5 Minute April 2019 Festival

SOCIAL, 2min., USA, Drama

Directed by Joey Katches

A tale about a man so consumed with technology that he misses out on the simplest and best parts of life.

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Director Bio: Joey Katches (SOCIAL)

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Joseph is a Sacramento based film director, writer, editor, cinematographer, and actor. He specializes in narrative, documentary, promotional, instructional, and creative films. As seen in his work, Joey has the ability to tell powerful stories through cinema. Having worked in the theater and film industry, he’s able to direct both the creative and the technical side of the production, creating impactful stories that connect with and inspires audiences.

When Joseph isn’t filming, he enjoys spending time with his best friend, his wife Amanda, and three boys Vincent, Julien and Jeremiah.