Director BIO: Vincent Paquot (HELLO JULIE)

Actor, musician, composer, lawyer and former law professor at Paris University, Vincent Paquot was born on the French Riviera and has been living in Paris for the past 17 years.

After graduating from Drama School in Paris (Atelier Blanche Salant & Paul Weaver), Vincent lived 2 years in NewYork where he trained with Susan Batson and Jack Waltzer.

He appeared on many Tv shows and Tv movies for French television, in the Netflix show “The Hookup plan” , and two feature movies: “Befikre” (Indian) and “Iris” (French).

He starred in the movie “RISE OF A STAR” shortlisted for the best short movie at the 2018 Oscars. He ended up winning best actor of the month, best actor of the year 2019 at the NewYork Film Awards, and best actor in an indie film at the Actors Awards Los Angeles 2019 for his role in the short movie “PABLO & CESAR.”

As a model and actor , He has been in many international TV commercials and campaigns: a Super Bowl Ad and mainly for luxury brands as Cartier , Kenzo , L’Oreal and Yves Saint Laurent.. He also composed the music and played the main character of an international RayBan video campaign.

Following his intuition, he is currently embarking on a new adventure as a writer and director . Vincent is represented by agent L’Amepresario (France).

Director Statement

Vincent experienced domestic violence through two of his best girl friends. As a lawyer, an artist and first of all a man, he witnessed the injustice and lack of efficiency within the French judicial system and the climate of tension and fear during lockdown.

Also, he noticed how, paradoxically, social media can put distance between people, and isolate them. It urged him to deliver this message toward this global problematic.

During the lockdown in Paris, France following the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, Vincent was compelled to continue making films and decided to write and direct for the first time ever. Barefoot Studio Pictures collaborated during post production from Brooklyn, NY and is proud to help bring this beautiful story of hope, friendship and above all else, love to a wider audience.

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