Director BIO: Heather Hawthorn Doyle (I DON’T WANT HIM EITHER)

Heather Hawthorn Doyle came to narrative story telling later in life, after her two sons were grown – and out of the house! She transitioned from being an unscripted producer and director to directing narrative starting in kids tv and now in TV movies – but she is definitely learning as she goes! She’s excited to experiment with different story telling techniques and different tech. Her last short film “Songbird” had very little dialogue but a very emotional story, her most recent short “I Don’t Want Him Either” was her first foray into writing and was filmed in only 2 hours in a volume (all LED screens) studio.

Director Statement

I was one of 8 directors chosen to shoot a micro short as part of the DGC BC campaign to help filmmakers learn how to shoot in a volume studio. We had two hours to film our micro short – this was a fantastic experience. I chose to film on a deserted bridge because I thought that a would be the hardest background to be able to make realistic – and I decided to ‘push’ the tech by filming a 360 shot – even though we’re only in a 3 walled studio. By fixing the camera but moving the background we were able to accomplish this. Super cool to see. And I know I’ll only get better with this tech the more I use it!

By under5minutefilmfestival

The quarterly festival that focuses on the greatest under 5 minute short films from around the world. Films get showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival and receive an audience moderation video on their short.

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