Director Biography – Amy E. Powell (BARE NAKED TRUTHS)

Amy Powell is a producer and director from Chicago, IL. Amy studied acting at Northern Illinois University and the Moscow Art Theater School, but finding the roles available for women lacking, Amy transitioned to working behind the camera with a mission to create more diverse and dynamic roles for women in film. She co-founded her production company, Sundog Studios, and has produced numerous short films with theater and film makers alike. Most recently, she co-wrote and directed a comedy web series, Bare Naked Truths, that gives a glimpse into the inner life of nude figure models while they pass the time on the job. Amy is also a producer and assistant director with the award winning production company Digital Alliance, and has worked on films and commercials with Rattlejack Inc, Legacy Marie Pictures, and Arts and Sciences.

Director Statement

When creator of Bare Naked Truths, Ellen DeSitter, brought to me this wild idea to shoot a micro-series about nude models, I knew it was a unique opportunity. As a new filmmaker at the time, I realized the micro-series presented an unheard of chance for me to explore multiple cinematic styles while never having to change locations and to wrestle with the challenge of how to use cinematic elements to enhance a scene that has strict limitations. I was also very excited to call attention to the weird relationship Americans have with nudity and the human body and explore such a fun and bold topic. However, I couldn’t have anticipated the absolute joy it was to see the series blossom because of the incredible dedication and talent of our cast and crew.

All we had to make this production happen was a handful of DIY equipment, a tiny and overworked production team, and an assembled team of friends and volunteers to help shoot a 10 episode series in two days. The end result was truly a collaboration between everyone involved who stepped up to any challenge asked of them. We are proof that you don’t need tons of cash or fancy equipment to get your ideas off the ground. The most important thing is to surround yourself with the best people and give them space to shine. The results will exceed your expectations every time!

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