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You are glamorous, hale and healthy

Tall, beautiful and mind-blowing

A charming face and sparkling eyes

A beautiful parrot nose ǁ

Good ears with a diamond studded rings

Smart speaking mouth with lipstick on

The best structure ever created by the Lord

Smooth and shining lengthy arms ǁ

Beautiful legs similar to Himalayan heights

Walking style out beats any Angel style

When enters a hall full of chattering people

Full of life in the function hall ǁ

Sudden hush foreseen as everyone fell silent

All heads turn to gaze at the radiant lovely vision

Her glowing complexion with twinkling eyes

Long lashes and full smiling mouth ǁ

Mass of swirling way and long hair

As beautiful as like an Angel looking crazy

Always warm, smiling and welcoming

Enjoy discussing the books that she read ǁ

Especially, the intellectually satisfying ones

No doubt, she is from the rolls of Angels


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