Director BIO: Hollis Sherman-Pepe (TO QUIET MY MIND)

Director Biography

Director headshot

Hollis is an award winning filmmaker and actress working professionally for over a decade. TO QUIET MY MIND is her much anticipated directorial debut. Hollis has always pushed her own boundaries while remaining honest in her artistic pursuits. Directing this film, Hollis feels she has truly found her voice.

Sherman-Pepe’s vision is unmistakably her own. TQMM is a visually and auditorily compelling piece that maintains a clear narrative. This film is an exciting benchmark for her production company Farmers Daughter Productions and the start of what is sure to be an exciting resume as a director.

Director Statement

To Quiet My Mind is my directorial debut. I wanted to make a mixed media micro short. The film was written with actor Ryan McKenzie in mind for the lead role, knowing that he is a painter as well as a talented actor. I utilized his portrait painting as the lynch pin for the film.

Stepping into the protagonist’s eyeball, I made the portrait come alive, accomplishing this with a slow, long dolly push, green screen, and other visual effects. I chose to project the “film within a film” directly onto my actor’s face. This projection segment was a successful way to maintain practical camera effects within my movie.

The auditory experience was an chief aspect for me. Sound effects made to sound similar but not of the actual noise – children on a roller coaster yelling rather than the screams of war, the crunch of eating crackers rather than the crunch of rock beneath army boots.

The topic of imagination and memory is a fascination of mine. People value their memories as facts. However, memories are not fact. Memories are what we choose to recall. What we value from the actual situation becomes the memory itself. Imagination fills in the gaps. Imagination can also paint a vivid picture of a circumstance in which we were not even present. Imagination makes other peoples’ stories relatable to our own human experience.

Balancing the cerebral nature of TO QUIET MY MIND with a meaningful narrative was important to me. I am very grateful to my extraordinary team and am thrilled to share this piece.

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