Director’s BIO: Manuele Mandolesi

Short Film BEYOND Playing at the June 29, 2017 Under 5 Minute Film Festival

Director Biography

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Manuele Mandolesi was born in Recanati on the 5th of July 1977. After finishing his degree in Communication studies he moved in Milan to attend a Master in “Digital Film and Television”. Here, he collaborated with a Media Production Studio and the Experimental Theater of Milan before moving to Rome, where he currently lives. In Rome, he approached the field of documetary films working on his first thematic documentary “Il Cammino di Santiago” (Way of St. James). Later he specialized in narrative documentary.
Thanks to his on-field experience, the director has been able to tell stories of conflicts and crisis, developing a reportage/in depth analysis approach in dealing with current events of political and social interest.
As filmmaker he worked on the following docu-movies: “La grande paura” (The Great fear), documenting the presence of xenophobic feeling in Italy. “La vittima e il carnefice” (The victim and his Criminal), dealing with domestic violence against woman. “Napoli vita morte e miracoli” (The life and death of Naples) telling the troubled and tragic every-day life in the Campania region. (broadcasted by Raitre in 2007). “Napoli comincia a Chiaiano” (Naples begins in Chaiano) a testimony of the fight against the opening of a new landfill by Neapolitans. “Alitalia, ultima fermata” ( Alitalia, last stop), on the protest held by employees from the Italian national airline. “Il regno delle due Sardegne”( Kingdom of the two Sardinias), which reports on the elections in Sardinia.
He also collaborated with MTVnews for full coverage of the Italian youth (I ragazzi contro la Monnezza (Youth against garbage), “Gli eroi di Lampedusa” (Heros of Lampedusa), “Milano lontano dal cuore” (Milan far from the Heart), “Il paese dei Trans” (The Land of Trans), “Combattere a 20 anni” (20 years old and fighting), “Costa Smeralda” (Emerald Coast), “Emigranti” (Migrants), “Mamme per caso” (Mother by chance), etc., 2009-2011, and with the newspaper “Corriere della Sera”, working as video-reporter in different areas of Italy affected by conflicts and crisis. On, he used the style of “docu-live” to report the refugee crisis in Lampedusa throughout the entire period, during which he shot the docu-movie “Lampedusa siamo noi” (We are Lampedusa) 2011-2013, ant the short-doc “Libera Espressione” (several award winner)
In 2014, he spent several months on a ship of the Italian Navy to show the life of the first Italian woman Captain involved in the “Mare Nostrum” operation launched by the Italian Government to prevent refugee drowing off the coast of the Island of Sicily. The docu-fiction was broadcasted by Raitre and on the Corriere della sera site as web-serie and won the Flaiano award.
In 2015 he shot the short-doc “Far East”.
He is currently working on a docu-series for Mediaset.

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