Interview with Alice L. Lee, Winning Short Filmmaker (THE GOOD BOY)

WILDsound Festival

Watch the Audience Feedback Video of THE GOOD BOY:

THE GOOD BOY is the WILDsound Film Festival winner for Best Film in 2015.

Matthew Toffolo interviews director Alice L. Lee:

Matthew: What motivated you to make this film?

Alice: “the good boy” is a scene from a feature length screenplay I wrote several years ago when I was a student in the Film Division at Columbia University. It was based on a short story, “The Legend of Pig-Eye”, by Rick Bass, that I had the rights to, but the film never got made. One baby and many years later, I decided to get back into filmmaking by shooting a short film. I tried to take a scene from the feature, but I ended up having to rewrite the scene completely so it could be a stand-alone film.

While writing the feature script, I did some research on boxing and it…

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The quarterly festival that focuses on the greatest under 5 minute short films from around the world. Films get showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival and receive an audience moderation video on their short.

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