Watch the Winning 10 Twitter Short Story for Fall 2015

WILDsound Festival

A Final Effort of Goodness by MJ Brewer 

A Final Effort of Goodness, Twitter Short Story by MJ Brewer

LIFE IS BUT A DREAM by Brian O’Flaherty

LIFE IS BUT A DREAM, Twitter Short Story by Brian O’Flaherty

Chancer, by Paul Streetly

Chancer, Twitter Short Story by Paul Streetly

Twitter Story, by Matthew Hensarling

Twitter Story, Twitter Short Story by Matthew Hensarling

LUNCH TIME, by Alaina Wetzel

LUNCH TIME, Twitter Short Story by Alaina Wetzel

My Breath Caught,  by CR Smith

My Breath Caught, Twitter Short Story by CR Smith

Lost River, by CF Lane

Lost River, Twitter Short Story by CF Lane

Memories, by Megan Reis

Memories, Twitter Short Story by Megan Reis

The Violinist of Mosul,  by Paul MacAlindin

The Violinist of Mosul, Twitter Short Story by Paul MacAlindin

Flash Fiction, by Pam Blackthorne

Flash Fiction, Twitter Short Story by Pam Blackthorne

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