RYKER Short Film – Audience FEEDBACK from the March 2018 Under 5min. Festival

RYKER, 4min., USA, Action/Drama
Directed by Hilarion Banks 

Kai Ryker (Jeff Pearson) suddenly wakes up in an abandoned junk yard covered in scraps and dried blood with no memory of what brought him there. Only with the discovery of a recent memory is Kai able to unveil any sense from the situation.

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Director BIO: Hilarion Banks (RYKER)

Director Biography


Hilarion was born in Arlington, Texas on July 21st 1985. The brother of Akasha, Serapis, and Polaris Banks; he and his siblings started making backyard movies when Hilarion was only 9. His parents, two Theatrical producers well known in Texas, were happy to nurture their children’s’ passion for film. When Hilarion was only 18 he tried his hand at feature film making with “Extended Family” a father/son movie with a paranormal twist.

In 2007, Hilarion attended UCLA’s theatre, film, and television program and received a bachelor’s in film production. After UCLA, Hilarion moved to New York and has been exclusively shooting, producing and directing exclusively while still collaborating with brother Polaris.