Watch MOVING LONDON Short Film. Dance/Musical

Watch the first of the Moving Images series. An amazing dance movie using the urban landscape of the city.

Go to and learn more about this film and its series.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video:

  MOVIE POSTERMOVING LONDON, Musical/Dancing, 6min, Czech Republic
Directed by Jevan Chowdhury

This short film observes the meeting of 58 dancers and the capital of the UK. Captured over 3 days, Moving London propels art from completely different sources, then packs it back together again.

The LONDON metro, tram stops, and city streets provide a gritty stage for the latest addition to a package of dance films set in major world cities.

It was the first in a series of short films that “capture international dancers in real settings.” Previous film locations include Paris, London, Brussels, and Yerevan (Armenia), with Athens coming soon.

Audience Feedback Video: C.T.R.L., 3min., Musical, UK

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of C.T.R.L.

Showcased at the May 2015 Film Festival

  MOVIE POSTERC.T.R.L, 3min, UK, Musical
Directed by Mariana Conde

A young man’s attempt at a first contact with a love interest is hijacked in a most entertaining way.


Creative Director – Stu Grant
Producer – Donna Mabey
Director of Photography – Benjamin Thomas
Art Director – Bobbie Cousins
Composer – Will Brown
Foley – Will Puddle
Casting Director – Louisa Andrea
Choreographer – Damien Anyasi
1st AD – Ben Hopwood
Runner – Sam Hodge
Runner – Alice Taylor
Camera Assistant – Eui Jeong Hong
Costume Designer – Elanor Baker
Assistant Costume Designer – Faye Roxburgh
Make Up – Antoria Lingard
Script Supervisor – Xenia Taylor
Editor – Mariana Conde
Motion Artist


Staring – Matthew Biancheri & Helena Dowling

Supporting Actors – Jack Everson & Moe Bargahi
Extras – Laura Davitt, Gayle Richardson, Glennis LaRoe, Charlie Simmons, Kerri McElligot, Edward Cai