Director BIO: Anaelle Morf

Director Biography

Anaelle morf1

Anaëlle Morf recently graduated from the film studies section of Ecal (University of Art and Design) by presenting her fictitious film « Jewish Blind Date ». She would like to continue to make films that showcase her authenticity, humour and spontaneity.
She’s passionate about travel and languages and seeks to bring her unusual experiences together in documentary and fictional films.

Director BIO: Garmamie Sideau

Director Biography

Garmamie sideau

Garmamie Sideau is an independent filmmaker, public affairs consultant and combat sports commentator/researcher. This Canadian artist is involved in various visual storytelling projects and he also works as a web communications and marketing advisor for clients in the public, private and not for profit sector. For the last 5 years Garmamie has been working on a long form documentary on the development of Judo and Ju Jitsu in Ethiopia.

Director Statement

Stupid smartphone therapy is an experimental journey of a daughter and father’s vacation abroad and their mutual and unhealthy relationship to their smartphones.

This unhealthy relationship to their smartphones is augmented by variety of personal and social themes such as: parenting, workaholism, a bi-racial cultural identity, the social need to belong and the value of self-defence.

Both daughter-father duo are confronted by a crisis as they’re transplanted from various key landmarks in Berlin, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. The smartphone role is key to their understanding of themselves and their lives.

Director BIO: Kostas Petsas (CITY OF MY HEART)

Director Biography

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A visual storyteller, co-founder of Arte Cinematica in Greece. He has a long term experience in producing storytelling wedding films, mastering the art of anamorphic lenses and creating corporate videos. “Ciudad de mi corazón” is the first attempt to do a personal narrative, conceived, written and filmed all in one week in Madrid.

Director Statement

I believe that mixing different forms of art, such as poetry, photography, music and video can enhance the storytelling process and produce a higher emotional impact. “Ciudad de mi corazón” is an attempt to do a short narrative in the form of what could be considered as “street cinematography”. This is a personal narrative, conceived, written and filmed all in one week in Madrid.

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Director BIO: Jelle Bleyenbergh (THE FLOW)

Director Biography

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With completed studies in both Film and Journalism, director Jelle Bleyenbergh has always held a great interest in moving pictures. He currently works as an editor/cameraman in a production company. He’s also not afraid to take up the pen for screenwriting and to accept the challenging role of a film director.

Director Statement

In May 2017, I traveled to Iceland with three friends from film school and a load of camera equipment. Four people and our gear, all crammed up into this tiny car, driving around the south coast and beyond. You can imagine the fun we were having, even through wind and rain – and we got plenty of that!

All of us challenged each other to write a little screenplay, and we would aid one another into making it into a real film.

To come up with a story, it wasn’t hard to look at myself being in this amazing country. But mostly, I looked inward. How would this breathtaking environment, full of landscapes and waterfalls, influence me? And how would that influence translate to a short but clear story arc?

So, ‘The Flow’ – known as ‘Further’ during production – would be a story about needing guidance or direction, and ultimately about letting go of that. We live our lives by rules and following directions, but when you can truly open your eyes and see the world, you might see that you can live a better life without them.

What better way to represent the need for guidance than a compass, held firmly by the main character, as he’s forced to leave his regular mode of transportation and get to his destination by basic means. That’s the beauty of film without dialogue: you’re looking at purely visual means to tell your story.

Production was amazing, because we could all settle for shooting guerrilla style – even my actor, Stefán, whom we had a great time with. All we needed was the environment and 100% passion by everyone involved. ‘The Flow’ is far from perfect, but it shows how you can effectively make a little film for fun and still have something to tell the audience. That is all the guidance I could ever hope to offer.

Director BIO: Gonzalo Cotelo (MAMMA)

Director Biography

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Trained as director and editor in Spain, Gonzalo has experience shooting for both commercial and independent projects. Further he worked on a number of short movies and music videos, allowing him to build a vast portfolio.
Gonzalo is currently based in Kuwait City, developing his career in advertising as director of photography and director.

Director’s BIO: Hisanori Tsukuda

Short Film I & MYSELF Playing at the June 29, 2017 Under 5 Minute Film Festival

Director Biography


Director / Creative Director of NHK (Since2004-)
Film Director

Recent representative work
“The Wife of Gegege”(2009)
“Clouds above the Hill” Season3 (2011)
“Taira no kiyomori”(2012)
“Garasu no ie”(2013)
“Housou Hakubutsukan Kiki-ippatsu”(2014)

[as a Creative Director]
“Sanada Maru”(2016)
“NHK SPECIAL” series

[as Film Director]
Platinum Award winner of World Fest Houston International Film Festival
“Humming” (2015)
Best film & Best Director and 6more awards winner of 48Hour Film Project
Screened at 69th Cannes Film Festival
Official selection of Jecheon International Film & Music Festival
Official selection of International Short & Independent Film Festival, DHAKA
Got 11 awards in JAPAN

Director’s BIO: Jeff Draheim

Short Film THE SNOWMAN’S HAT Playing at the June 29, 2017 Under 5 Minute Film Festival

Jeff Draheim is known for his work on as an editor on Frozen (2013), Moana (2016) and The Princess and the Frog (2009). He currently works for Walt Disney Animation Studios.


Director’s BIO: Laura Malatos

Short Film FAMILY SHADOWS Playing at the June 29, 2017 Under 5 Minute Film Festival

Director Biography


Laura Malatos is a filmmaker from Seattle, Washington. She’s established herself mainly as a writer/directed, but has additional experience in editing and cinematography. Her work captures the vulnerability of human emotion, often alluding to the beauty that comes from pain. Her films have been awarded and recognized on a national and international level, with her recent film, “Dear”, taking home the award for “Best Student Short” at the Celluloid Bainbridge Festival, following an earlier win at the Calgary International Festival.

Director’s BIO: Chic & Artistic

Short Film WOW Playing at the June 29, 2017 Under 5 Minute Film Festival


Paris based creatives and directors, we concept, direct and produce

chic and artistic ideas for artists and brands.

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Director’s BIO: Lucy Lee

Short Film VOICING SILENCE Playing at the June 29, 2017 Under 5 Minute Film Festival

Director Biography

Director lucylee

Lucy has made eight independent animated films numerous animated film commissions, as well as live action documentaries and dance films. She works in a variety of media including oil on glass, sand on glass, drawn animation, puppets and cut outs, as well as digital media such as TV Paint and After Effects.
Her work has been described by Time Out as ‘Ravishingly Lyrical’, ‘Painterly and Mystical’ by Asian Reporter, ‘a masterpiece…stunning’ Aesthetica Magazine.
Her work spans folklore, myth, metaphor, social issues, and films for social change.
Her personal practice as an independent animation film maker, has won her many international awards, including the Gold Hugo (Chicago), Canal + Buyers Award (Poitiers), Best Art Direction (Tarusa), Jose Abel (Cinanima), amongst other awards and nominations. She has been invited to give lectures, talk on panels and teach workshops in a variety of settings and countries. She has also organized short film and media events.
Lucy graduated from the National Film and Television School in 1998 with a Post Graduate Diploma in Animation Direction, and completed an MA in 2013 in Visual Communication at Derby University, specializing in animation. She is now a Visiting Lecturer at Hertfordshire University.

Director Statement

Making film is a way of understanding life. Unearthing the story, uprooting images, digging into the experience of living and tirelessly pulling it all together into a piece of work that will flash before an audience, be remembered, or found, somewhere, one day.