Director Biography – Lola Rùi (ECCLESIASTES)

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Lola Rùi is an actress, screenwriter and director. She studied acting with Jorge Eines and Susan Batson. In theater, she starred in “Mary Magdalene” opened at the historical 13th Street Repertory Theater in New York City. As a film actress, she received several awards at international film festivals including best actress at the “21st Bare Bones International Independent Film Festival” and “Best Shorts Competition” for her role in the short film “The Door” (2018, USA), and best actress in fantasy-thriller film at “Actors Awards” and “Best Actors Award” for her role in the short film “Family” (2019, Spain). As a director, she garnered more than twenty international awards at festivals in United States, Canada, India, Germany and Italy, with the short film “The Door” (2018, USA). She was a jury member in the IX Iberoamerican Short Film Festival (FIBABC). Recently she has written, directed and co-starred in the short film “Ecclesiastes” (2020, USA).

Director Statement

Ecclesiastes story was born one day while I was watching TV news. Suddenly, an image caught my attention, laboratory rats stuffed into cages. One of them was out of its cage held by a scientist with a syringe in the other hand. I noticed how the small animal opened its eyes and tried to escape from the man with small and quick movements while he injected the syringe content into its back. At the same time, the reporter ́s voice announced great news: Science was very close to discovering eternal youth. At that moment, I thought that milestone would lead to the discovery of eternal life in a next step. Our temporal space perception is what makes us aware of death causing fear sometimes so man has always tried to seek the secret of immortality. But this new, instead of making me feel happy, stirred me up inside. Many mixed feelings. There could be less to overcome the fear of dying, and on the other hand, many questions arose in my head, but with each question my own answers made me feel more uneasy.

At that time, I started writing Ecclesiastes script. I felt that sharing my feeling through a film was the only thing that could protect me from my own fears. After a few lines of the script, my feelings of anguish didn’t stop. One day, my young goldendoodle Larry, lying next to me, gave me the answer, calming my fears with just a glance, and clarifying how the end of the Ecclesiastes story should be. It happens that animals give us wise answers about life and death beyond the contribution they have made to human being with their own lives. We just have to admire them.

Once the script was finished, it was time to start it. A science fiction short that had to be done on a low budget was something that could be very difficult at first, but finally thanks to an incredible team that trusted me and the project, we managed to advance with the available resources, with a lot of imagination, passion and a lot of work.

Director Biography – Doug Werby (MOTORBIKE THIEF)

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Director Doug Werby has a true talent for authentic performance and beautiful imagery is at the heart of each project. He started directing comedy commercials and returns to it from time to time. He can both direct and edit, which makes him a true silver bullet. His keen sense of timing and appreciation for the human condition (comedic and otherwise) shines.

His personal mission statement is to provide intensely creative and collaborative filmmaking, a desire that was sparked as an early child following in the footsteps of celluloid heroes. For this creativity, doug has received commercial awards and recognition from the Clio’s, D&AD, multiple Telly Awards including the 20th Anniversary Gold, Halo and Ad Club.

Director Statement

I love what I do which is telling stories through moving images. With extensive experience in commercial production and post, my hope is to build on all this knowledge while challenging myself creatively to produce original narrative works like No Tricks and Motorbike Thief. My mission is to provide intensely creative, collaborative filmmaking that informs and inspires. I love film.

Under 5min. Film Festival Testimonial – May 12 2020

Mischa Livingstone

What a gem! The feedback sessions are an amazing insight for filmmakers and truly enlightening. The folks at this festival really care about the filmmakers and audience alike. They show such respect for the films and it was an honor to screen here. A cut above!

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Under 5 Minute Festival Testimonial – May 5 2020

I was pretty nervous when I first clicked on the video, but once one of the audience members said that three different parts of my film sent a shiver up his spine, I knew it was going to be alright. It was amazing hearing how receptive the audience was to my little horror film, and hearing what they liked about it, and that the little bits of humor were picked up on the way I intended them to be.

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Under 5 Minute Festival Testimonial – May 4 2020

Randy Kerr

While we didn’t attend, I must say we received some of the most enlightening and encouraging feedback from both the Wildsong Podcast and Audience reaction video at the festival. It’s always so gratifying to hear your messages are getting through to the audience and they recognize the work and choices we made in creating the film. Great, punctual, and simple communication / coordination. Highly recommend!!


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Under 5 Minute Festival Testimonial – April 29 2020

Filmmaker Marni Little (THE TALK)

Amazing. We couldn’t believe how much of a difference it makes seeing personal reactions to our work. It’s why you do it – right? For the audience.

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